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Type Of Flooring For Your Home

There are many different types of flooring options to choose from when deciding to change or update your flooring. It is widely based upon your preference. There are also a lot of other things to factor in when choosing flooring. Things like maintenance and cost. Below we will cover some of the different flooring options.

I will first go over hardwood floors. There are many different finishes that you can choose from such as oak, cherry, beech, pine, maple and more. Then there’s different sizes and widths. I would just suggest that you pick the best style for your rooms decor. There is solid wood flooring that can be sanded and refinished over and over again. Then there is engineered wood floors that are manufactured. You should consider that over time they can expand and contract during humidity and temperature fluctuations.

Then we have laminate flooring. This is the way to achieve the hardwood floor look without the hardwood floor cost. Most often you can lay laminate flooring yourself because generally they have adhesive backing which decreases the need for additional materials. Laminate flooring is not typically made of high quality material so it is very important to keep it dry and you should try to keep traffic minimal. Liquid spills over time can cause swelling if not wiped up quickly. Over time laminate flooring can separate and eventually be filled with dirt. This option is usually just a temporary fix for a nice look. Laminate flooring is also one of the easiest floors to install.

Marble floors are some of the most beautiful floors I have every seen! While marble tiles can come in adhesive tiles similar to laminate floors, real marble floors are most gorgeous! However, they’re quite expensive. Marble floors are made of stone and require high maintenance to maintain. They must be sealed and clean on a regular basis. You never want to leave any spills and if so you would need to wipe them up immediately or else the tiles will stain. Also with laminate flooring, you will want to keep traffic as little as possible as marble tiles can crack.

Bamboo flooring is becoming more popular. They come in a variety of colors from tan to honey brown. Most bamboo floors are used for kitchens. The cost of bamboo floors are less than that of hardwood floors which is why it is becoming more of the preferred choice of flooring. It is said to last for quite some time it is also eco-friendly. It can scratch, so you would want to be careful just as with any other flooring. It is also said to be very easy to install.

I am not very fond of cork floors but they are also eco-friendly. They are made from the bark of Cork oak which gives floors and natural, earthly look. Cork can be one of the more expensive flooring options and may absorb water if it’s finished and improperly.

Vinyl is a very inexpensive option. It can be laid out in any room but usually is laid in kitchens and bathrooms. Vinyl flooring can be difficult to repair since the quality of the material is so soft. Generally you would have to re-floor the entire room when there is a tear. It can be easily installed with glue or nails over an existing floor.

Lastly, we have carpet. Carpet can be inexpensive and very easy to install as well. It comes in hundreds of colors, styles and textures to choose from. I have children so maintaining carpet can be difficult. However, I like it to the best because it makes for a cozy home. When selecting carpet you should consider how much the room is going to be used, how much traffic there will have, and also if it will be directly accessed from outside. You would want to routinely care for your carpet by vacuuming using a vacuum with good section. You would need to cleans spills promptly and every so often you may want to have the carpets professionally cleaned.

I hope I have given a good idea of some of the more popular flooring options that are available. Shopping for floors can be exciting! Howeve, there are many things to consider. Such as the cost and maintenance of the flooring. I wish you good luck on finding the perfect flooring!